• All the perks of contracting + the safety of employment

    Imagine running your own company without the hassle and paperwork. Stay HMRC Compliant while taking home more of your salary.

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  • How can we help?

    At Cephas, it's our duty to make your life easier. Our job is to get you paid and save you money. Our umbrella solutions ensure that you meet all HMRC requirements while contracting, and we work with you ensure you have all the securities and benefits of regular employment.

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  • Try our New Online Expenses Forms

    We now have an online version of the Cephas expenses form, so you can keep up to date with your finances on the go.

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  • Ltd Company or Umbrella Solution?

    Both options are great, Umbrella solutions get you paid faster, but running your own limited company may be a better solution in the long run. We offer a closer look at the pros and cons to help you decide.

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  • Tax Planning & Advice

    We remove all the duties of managing your own company as a director, leaving you to focus on doing great work, building your brand and winning new contracts. Our team can give you up to the minute advice about taxation, and will ensure that you always meet the requirements.

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  • Teamwork makes the dream work

    Whether you register with us as a limited company or via our umbrella payroll solution - rest assured that you've have a team of professionals working hard to ensure that you save money, and stay on top of all tax and paperwork.

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  • Quality accounting service

    Tailored accounting services to suit the needs of your organisation.

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  • Why choose Umbrella Accountants?

    Pro-active advice and real people offering unlimited support.

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Our solutions will save you money!
Take home more earnings

Our solutions will save you money!

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Tax need not be Taxing.
Self Assessment made easy!

Tax need not be Taxing.

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Why an Umbrella Company?
As a company umbrella, Cephas Resource Solutions gives you all the benefits of owning a limited company, without the pressures, obligations and administrative requirements required to maintain one. At Cephas we guarantee you are 100% compliant with legislation while releasing more of your annual salary to you compared to the usual income tax allocated to individuals. We are happy to provide in depth consultancy and relevant information to both discuss your available options and propose opportunities to help you keep more of your hard-earned revenue year on year.
More gain, less pain!
Running your own Limited Company implies more commitment than working through an Umbrella Company additionally Cephas employ strategies to create a higher profit potential. As your commissioned Umbrella Company provider, Cephas compares solutions and delivers strategies to reduce taxable income and vastly optimise your annual disposal income. While monitoring all paperwork and financial deadlines to ensure records are well maintained and submissions are never missed.

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