Personal Service Companies


As an independent contractor, Limited Company incorporation serves as one of the most lucrative methods for retaining a greater proportion of your monthly paycheck.

However, while managing your contractual obligations and employment duties, it’s often impossible to find the time to complete the administration and corporate duties of a typical company director.

As a fully-fledged accountancy and resource management firm, this is precisely where Cephas steps in to relieve the burden associated with being a company director with a view to save you both time and money. Throughout this process, the limited company solely remains your property and under your control, giving you the opportunity to manage and build your own brand.

Dependent on your requirements and for an agreed monthly rate, Cephas can administer and provide a wide range of of services, including:

  • Company Formation and Incorporation;
  • Providing/Setting up your Registered Office;
  • VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE registration(s);
  • Exhort on your favored compensation bundles;
  • Advice on costs of doing business;
  • Facilitate setting-up a Business Bank account;
  • Process your Payroll and give returns (i.e. payslips and P11d’s); annual
  • Financial Statements, Quarterly VAT returns and Quarterly/Annual PAYE returns, alongside advice on the amount to pay;
  • Give help on Secretarial matters i.e. drafting minutes and yearly returns for you to sanction and submit; and
  • Through our strategic partners we can ensure you have all required insurance cover: Employer and Public Liability, we also provide tax-efficient long-term saving/pension schemes.


Areas we cannot help:

  • Acting as your Company Director or Company Secretary;
  • Dealing with your ledger(s);
  • Credit Control – pursuing unpaid receipts; or
  • Providing indemnity cover or preempting HMRC enquiries