What We Do

We  help reduce your tax and NI contributions, allowing you to take home a higher net salary, whilst ensuring that all HMRC and legal standards are met.

By collecting your timesheets and expense claims, and processing payments from your clients, we ensure that all expenses are correctly allocated as business costs where possible, we manage your payroll, and produce monthly payslips, and itemised reports of all monthly activity.
How we do it
  • Acknowledge receipt of your timesheet immediately, by phone, sms or email.
  • Remind you of missing or late timesheets.
  • Collect your expense invoices and claim back relevant reimbursements.
  • Raise and issue invoices for the work performed to ensure you are paid promptly.
  • Collect your invoices on due dates.
  • Prepare and issue you with a payslip after deduction of all necessary tax.
  • Pay your money direct to your account by BACS or same day FASTERPAY or CHAPS.
  • Deal with all tax enquiries, limited company requirements and year-end returns.
  • Monitor changing Tax Regulations to ensure you are being paid in the most tax-efficient manner.